Sunday, June 17, 2007

Free Apple iPhone? What's that you say?

I know, it wasn't long ago that I thought all these sites were a scam until I finally really looked into it and I found that there are a lot of people who make a tidy amount of cash from them on top of getting all their tech stuff for free, and that includes big screen TV's, desktop PC's, video game consoles like the Sony PlayStation 3 or new Xbox 360 Elite, and all sorts of other things. Well, guess what? The newest and coolest thing to come out is the Apple iPhone. It's a smart phone that is supposed to change the way we look at cell phones from here on out, plus it has all the functionality of an iPod.

But how do you get it free?

Well, that's where this site comes in. First, what you need to do is click on this link: Free iPhone
Once you've done that and have registered at the site, you will see that you will need to complete an 1 credit worth of offers, that can be done at once from one site or from four different sites depending on the affiliate. Once you have completed that you will then need to get the appropriate number of friends/family/strangers/etc. to do the same. Which iPhone you choose, 4GB or 8GB, will determine how many referrals you will need. That's about all you need. It's really quite simple.
Your Free iPhone

Completing offers in brief

Offers will include such things as signing up for Blockbuster Online, Gamefly, Netflix, People PC, or other services like diet pills, teeth whiteners, etc. The offers are all from credible companies and if you're worried just stick to those you know about. It's quite simple as most offers credit instantly and you will enjoy whatever product the site offers.

Once you've completed all of your offers and your referrals have done likewise, you can go ahead and claim your prize. Once you've done that just make sure you let us all know that it worked for you so you can show off and prove the sites legitimacy.

Thanks for looking and know that this is not a scam, there's plenty of proof that these sites are perfectly legit and you can be the next person to prove it. Just look at the sidebar to the right for proof of TraInn's payout.
Your Free iPhone

Also, if you sign up under the above link and complete an offer, do let me know and I will advertise your own link for a one week period, so that you can attain your own referrals.

Disclaimer: I can in no way guarantee you that you will get the necessary amount of referrals, but I can hopefully direct some sign-ups your way. It's at least a start towards your own free iPhone.

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